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        CHAPTER 1
        This chapter provides an introduction to the document as a whole. It explains the “search focus” set for the identifica-
        tion of Innovative Solutions carried out both in the ORHI regions and beyond at the national and international level.
        It explains the contents that can be found in the other chapters, and what types of entities can find value in them.
        Likewise, it also outlines the different entities that the ORHI team has relied upon to complement its work in the search
        carried out.

        CHAPTER 2
        The second chapter features 19 Technologies, fully commercial, that we at ORHI have identified and
        assessed as being of special interest, in the area of equipment solutions, which contribute to the more
        effective and efficient use of resources by companies in the agri-food sector that use them.

        For  the  identification  of  these  innovative  technologies,  besides  the  involvement  of  all  ORHI  partners,  we  received
        collaboration from the following entities:

                - Basque Agency for Internationalisation (Basque Trade&Investment)
                - La Manga Corporation
                - Transfer Consultancy

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