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As a guideline, we list below for each Target Group of ORHI the types of value that will normally be found:

              TARGET GROUPS              TYPE OF VALUE YOU WILL FIND

                                                          Solutions that offer alternatives for the recovery of by-products.
                        Agri-food sector                  Solutions that allow the replacement of current consumables with others that contribute to a greater circularity
                        companies.                        of resources.
                                                          Solutions that allow to amend the production process and thus to extend the life of food and/or to reduce food

                       Companies that process organic
                       matter and plastic outside the     Solutions that offer alternatives for the recovery of by-products.
                       agri-food sector.

                        Companies that offer technologi-
                        cal solutions and services to the   References  of  foreign  companies  that  are  open  to  collaboration  with  local  companies  to  distribute  and/or
                        agri-food sector.                 manufacture their solutions in Spain and/or France.

                        Companies that want to invest (or   Solutions for new business activities that can be set up in partnership with companies in the agri-food sector.
                        diversify) in other activities.

                        Local authorities, R&D centres,   References of Best Practices to facilitate the evolution of the agri-food sector towards a Circular Economy
                        entities that promote circular    which can be disseminated in their areas of influence.
                        economy in general.
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