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T.I./2                              María José Echeverria (Managing Director)
                                                                        Tlf: (+34) 943/04.99.06
                                                                        Email:                  BASQUE COUNTRY (SPAIN)
                                 CWT CLEAN WATER
                                 TECHNOLOGY SLU               
  TO WHOM IT OFFERS VALUE AND WHAT VALUE            To whom                                                      What value
                                                   Companies in various industries (dairy, cheese factories, cutting plants and slaughterhouses,   Optimises the solid/liquid separation phase:
                  Agri-food sector companies       freezers, packaging plants, etc.) with wastewater flows between 1 and several hundred m /h.  - Attaining an effective separation and reduction of contaminants such as greases and oils,
                                                                                                               suspended solids with the consequent reduction of COD parameter.
                                                                                                               - Reduces the management costs of subsequent treatments, both in sludge and water
                                                                                                               - In an intensive process (it has a high treatment capacity in a smaller space).
                  Companies that process organic matter and plastic
                  outside the agri-food sector
                                                   French and German companies having access to the agri-food waste water treatment   Access to technology with huge potential due to its ability to process waste water from
                  Companies that offer technological solutions and   market and process knowledge              multiple food industry processes. CWT is open for collaboration agreements with compa-
                  services to the agri-food sector                                                             nies in the sector in France and Germany to enter these markets.

                  Companies that want to invest (or diversify) in
                  other activities
                  Local authorities, R&D centres, entities that   Public managers of urban waste water between 2,000 and 100,000 equivalent inhabitants.  - Optimisation and a high degree of efficiency of the initial treatment, especially in the case
                  promote circular economy in general                                                          of industrial inputs, reducing secondary treatments.
       Fit in Circular Economy                     Contribution to environmental impact  Contribution to economic impact                       Contribution to social impact
      Design for Circularity                       - The environmental and visual impact is far less as  - Reduced use of chemicals (20-80% less)  - Minimises the environmental impact
      Maintenance/Repair                           they are more compact equipment    - The cost of sludge management is reduced by 30 to 40 % on average due to its superior   of the sludge as it is generated in less
      Reuse and recirculation                      - The amount of sludge is less (and it is drier) thus it  dryness.                          quantity,  with  a  lower  moisture
      Remanufacturing                              has a reduced impact.              - If the effluent is discharged into the sewer, the discharge rate is reduced by 60-70 % on   content.  This  is  well  received  by  the
      Revaluation                                  -  As  it  is  such  an  efficient  process  for  collecting  average due to its lower load.  local  communities  where  they  are
      Recycling                                    solids, it simplifies the subsequent treatment stages.                                       used  due  to  their  lower  level  of
      Energy recovery                                                                                                                          emissions, odours, etc.
      Product as a Service


                                                                                                                                                       BIONOR - Alava
    -  US  equipment  (CWT  company)  with  vast  experience  (>  700  units   - Financial investment: € 85,000 onwards
    installed worldwide). Hardly known in Europe.          (cost of peripherals not included)                                                           (biodiesel production)
    -  Advanced  DAF  equipment  (Dissolved  Air  Flotation)  for  phase   - Power consumption: <5 kWh/m 3
    separation (suspended solids or oils/fats in liquids).  -  Consumption  of  chemicals  based  on
    -  The  key  element  is  the  head  bench  with  its  electromechanical   pollutant load.
    equipment where the efficient water-air-chemical mixture takes place.   - Space needed: from 2 m  (7 m /h model) up to
    - Highly improved performance compared to conventional DAFs  12 m  (360 m /h model) of water treated per m   2
        * Less space needed due to shorter retention time.  space.                                                               Grupo APEX - Navarre
        * Sludge generated with superior dryness.   -  It  does  not  require  any  dedicated                                     (Snacks production)
        * High solids retention rates and very stable process.  manpower  to  operate,  the  equipment  is  fitted
        * Wide range of products (from 1 to several hundred m /h)  with  enough  sensors  to  warn  of  potential
        * Highly versatile due to its ability to process waste water from     incidents. A daily ‘visit’ of the equipment is advised
           different origin and composition.        for a sound and visual check.
        * Great flexibility and sustainability: large mass load range
           in which the same equipment operates effectively.
        * It allows retrofiting of other old equipment.                                                                                                 PROCAVI - Seville
    - Several patents in force with respect to the technology, the use of                                                                               (turkey slaughterhouse)
    chemical additives and the aeration system.                                                                                                                    1
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