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T.I./4                              Alberto Tascón (Managing Director of Lambda Recycling, S.L., exclusive distributor of OKLIN in Spain)
                                                                        Tlf: +34 659.28.16.25|
                                                                        Email:                                   BASQUE COUNTRY (SPAIN)
                                 INTERNATIONAL LTD.           
      TO WHOM IT OFFERS VALUE AND WHAT VALUE        To whom                                                      What value
                                                   *Hotels, *Restaurants, *Airports, *Education Centres, *Hospitals, *Cafeterias, *Food proces-  Equipment  that  converts  organic  by-products  into  compost  in  a  short  period  of  time.  It
                                                   sors, *Supermarkets, *Collective catering, *Local entities managing organic waste.  reduces the volume of waste by 90% in 24 hours.
                  Agri-food sector companies

                  Companies that process organic matter and plastic
                  outside the agri-food sector

                  Companies that offer technological solutions and
                  services to the agri-food sector

                  Companies that want to invest (or diversify) in
                  other activities

                  Local authorities, R&D centres, entities that   Entities fostering Circular Economy in general.  Benchmark of Good Practice to spread in its region.
                  promote circular economy in general

       Fit in Circular Economy                     Contribution to environmental impact  Contribution to economic impact                       Contribution to social impact
      Design for Circularity                        -  Minimum  environmental  impact  (no  unpleasant  -  Allows  the  waste  generator  to  be  fully  self-sufficient  in  its  management,  without  - The solution prevents catering establi-
      Maintenance/Repair                            odours or leachate)               depending on other parties                              shments,  food  processing  companies
      Reuse and recirculation                       - Since waste is processed in-situ, the environmen-  - The user entities eliminate the cost of organic waste management after the installation  and  supermarkets  from  depositing
      Remanufacturing                               tal impact of transporting it to a management plant  of this equipment.                   organic  waste  in  spaces  close  to  the
      Revaluation                                   is greatly reduced                - When user entities have suppliers who work cultivating the land, they can enter into  public,  thus  avoiding  the  potential
      Recycling                                                                       collaboration  agreements  where  they  exchange  “fertiliser  generated  by  OKLIN  discomfort that this could cause to the
      Energy recovery                                                                 equipment” for “fruit/vegetables” from the crops.       nearby community.
      Product as a Service


    -Small  and  medium  scale  organic  matter   - Financial investment:              Small-Scale Model   GG-30S Model                                Restaurante Nolla
    composting equipment, developed to be used “in situ”      - Small-Scale Model (4 kg/day): € 1,400                                                  (Finland)
    at the place where organic matter waste is generated.      - GG-30S Model (75 kg/day): € 24,000
    -It requires a number of “specific microorganisms” for its      - GG-30S Model (800 kg/day): € 119,000
    operation which must only be added at the beginning of   - Installed electrical power:
    the  operation;  these  are  supplied  along  with  the      - Small-Scale Model (4 kg/day): 0.240 Kw.
    equipment by the company.                  - GG-30S Model (75 kg/day): 4 Kw.
    -Continuous  cycles.  By-products  to  be  processed  are      - GG-30S Model (800 kg/day): 25 Kw.
    added as required. Emptying of the compost generated   - Power consumption:
    when the volume in the tank is indicated.     - Small-Scale Model (4 kg/day): 60-90 kwh/month
    -Product  range  (Mid-sized  equipment  processes      - GG-30S Model (75 kg/day): 694 – 1,787 Kwh/month
    between 75 and 90kg/day)                   - GG-30S Model (800 kg/day): 3,953 – 10,885 Kwh/month                             Hotel Sheraton Schiphol
    -It does not generate liquid waste.   - Space needed:
    -It  operates  inside  at  55°C  and  when  needed,  the      - Small-Scale Model (4 kg/day): 0.5 x 0.5 m.
    temperature can be raised to 70°C (to ensure sanitation).     - GG-30S Model (75 kg/day): 2 m x 1.5 m
    -Very small space                     - Capacity: they offer a wide range from 4 kg/day (Small-Scale) to
    -Simple operation                     1,350  kg/day  (in  commercial  equipment).  They  also  have  a
    -Minimum manpower                     Large-Scale model that processes 30 Tn/day.
                                          - Personnel needed: 1 person who knows how the equipment                                                                13
                                          works. Easy to use.
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