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T.I./1                              Ariane Inza  (Sales Manager)
                                                                        Tlf: 615/72.88.08
                                                                        Email:                                     BASQUE COUNTRY (SPAIN)
                                  COMPO GLOBAL
                                  SOLUTIONS, S.L.             
  TO WHOM IT OFFERS VALUE AND WHAT VALUE            To whom                                                      What value
                                                   Poultry farms (>100,000 head), beef cattle (>500 head),     Transforms slurry and other organic by-products into a valuable product (fertiliser) rich in
                  Agri-food sector companies       Food processing industry.                                   N, P and K valued by the market.

                  Companies that process organic matter and plastic
                  outside the agri-food sector
                                                   Organic waste managers in urban settings with > 50,000 inhab.  Halves the managing cost of this waste (from about 200 €/t to about 90 €/t).
                  Companies that offer technological solutions and
                  services to the agri-food sector

                  Companies that want to invest (or diversify) in
                  other activities

                  Local authorities, R&D centres, entities that   - Public bodies of municipalities with > 50,000 inhab.  - Facilitates intensive waste management
                  promote circular economy in general  - Entities fostering Circular Economy in general        - Benchmark of Good Practice to spread in its region

       Fit in Circular Economy                     Contribution to environmental impact  Contribution to economic impact                       Contribution to social impact
      Design for Circularity                        -  Minimum  environmental  impact  (no  unpleasant  - Makes the investment profitable by selling the fertiliser obtained (target price >100 €/t  - It allows an activity such as compos-
      Maintenance/Repair                            odours or leachate)               in powder)                                              ting,  which  is  very  annoying,  to  be
      Reuse and recirculation                       - Since waste is processed in-situ, the environmen-  -  Allows  the  waste  generator  to  be  fully  self-sufficient  in  its  management,  without  located  very  close  to  the  population
      Remanufacturing                               tal impact of transporting it to a management plant  depending on other parties           (there are multiple references like this in
      Revaluation                                   is greatly reduced                - As the input/output ratio is 3/1 by weight, the cost of transporting the product to the  Japan).
      Recycling                                                                       customer is reduced.
      Energy recovery
      Product as a Service


                                                                                                                                                       Larrabe Farm  - Vizcaya
    -Japanese   equipment   (CHUBU   ECOTEC   - Financial investment: € 400,000        S-90 Model
    company)  with  vast  experience  (>  3,000  units                                                                                                 (Laying hens)
    installed)                          - Installed electrical power: 40 kW
    -Intensive composting of organic waste
    -High performance (between  8 and 12 days   - Power consumption: 15,000 kwh/month
    retention time)
    -Continuous operation               - Space needed: 7 x 7 m 2
    -Vertical format                                                                                                             Coop. CAC - Portugal
    -Product range (16 to 90 m  capacity tanks)  - Capacity: up to 12 t/day                                                      (Laying hens)
    -Able to produce high quality organic fertiliser   - Personnel needed: 1 person ½ h/day
    -Ensures  hygienisation  of  the  generated
    -Very small space
    -Simple operation
    -No need to add structuring products
    -World's largest capacity equipment                                                                                                                Legaria Farm - Navarre
    -Minimum manpower                                                                                                                                   (Laying hens)
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