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        Circular Economy, beyond the recovery of by-products
        We believe it is worth mentioning that since the start of the project, the ORHI team of partners wanted to pay
        special attention not to “limit” the search to solutions from the “by-product recovery perspective (organic or
        plastic)”, but also to integrate the “design perspective for circularity”.

        When thinking/speaking about Circular Economy, the vast majority of people look at the so-called “waste”
        (by-products for which the company has not yet identified their potential value) and at proposals for action
        that will allow these “resources” to be exploited (finding the potential value they can offer and how to realise
        it). We call this a “by-product recovery perspective”.
        Looking at how to foster production activity to be “regenerative by design”, and at proposals that allow new
        product designs (product to be offered) and/or process designs (raw materials, equipment, organisational
        systems, etc.) in such a way as to reduce and/or avoid the generation of so-called “waste” is less common,
        but we consider it to be of utmost importance in the attempt to evolve towards a Circular Economy. This is
        the perspective that we refer to when at ORHI we say “design for circularity perspective”.

        Entities that have collaborated in the search and identification of
        We would like to mention that in addition to ORHI partners, who have actively participated in the identifica-
        tion of solutions in their respective regions, the below entities have also collaborated in the search and
        identification of Solutions:
                - Basque Agency for Internationalisation (Basque Trade&Investment)
                - La Manga Corporation
                - Transfer Consultancy
                - Material Connexion Bilbao
        We thank all these organisations for their collaboration in making this material available to the agri-food

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