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        CHAPTER 3
        The third chapter features 16 consumable items, fully commercial, for different applications in the
        agri-food sector that can contribute to advance towards a Circular Economy. There are items that
        can replace currently used consumables based on plastic material. There are also items that can
        lead to a greater efficiency in the use of resources in the process and/or a longer life in the conserva-
        tion of products.

        This chapter was not foreseen at the start of the project but it was important to create it to differen-
        tiate it from the chapter on Innovative Technologies, so as not to mix Equipment (Investment) based
        solutions with another type of solutions in the same chapter such as:
        (*) CONSUMABLES, recurrent consumer products for the company's activity, listed in Chapter 3
        (*) SERVICES, listed in Chapter 4
        To identify the Consumable items that we outline in this Chapter 3, besides the involvement of all
        ORHI partners, we received collaboration from the following entities:
                - Transfer Consultancy
                - Material Connexion Bilbao

        CHAPTER 4
        The fourth chapter features 2 items on Services available to companies in the agri-food sector based
        on Business Models aligned with the Circular Economy.

        This chapter was not foreseen at the start of the project.

        There is another publication of the ORHI project aimed at showcasing references of Business Models
        aligned with the Circular Economy. The search done for Business Models for this publication led to
        the identification of companies in the ORHI territory that are offering services to the agri-food sector.
        We find it of interest to highlight these experiences in this publication.
        The identification of Services references that we outline in Chapter 4 has been carried out entirely by
        ORHI partners.

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