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T.I./3                              Aritz Lekuona  (Technical Manager)                            BASQUE COUNTRY (SPAIN)
                                                                        Tlf: 615/78.86.86
                                    EKONEK                              Email:
  TO WHOM IT OFFERS VALUE AND WHAT VALUE            To whom                                                      What value
                                                   Mid-sized or large agri-food companies that handle by-products (canneries, slaughterhouses,   Convert  low-value  liquid  or  pasty  food  by-products  into  dry  concentrates  with  physical
                                                   cutting plants, dairy products, etc.) with capacities ranging from a few kg/d of high-value   transformation  into  granules  or  powders  suitable  for  human  consumption,  animal  feed,
                  Agri-food sector companies       products (e.g. shrimp shells) to tens of t/d of lower-value products (e.g. brewer's yeast).  fertilisers, among others.
                                                                                                               It allows companies to access a new value chain, increasing the sustainability of the food
                                                                                                               chain in general.
                  Companies that process organic matter and plastic
                  outside the agri-food sector
                                                   French companies having access to the agri-food market:     Access to technology with enormous potential given its ability to add value to multiple
                  Companies that offer technological solutions and   - Consultancy firms in the industry        food by-products. EKONEK is open for collaboration agreements with companies in the
                  services to the agri-food sector  - Engineering and installation companies in the industry   sector to enter the French market.
                  Companies that want to invest (or diversify) in
                  other activities

                                                   - Entities fostering Circular Economy in general.           - Benchmark of Good Practice to spread in its region.
                  Local authorities, R&D centres, entities that
                  promote circular economy in general
       Fit in Circular Economy                     Contribution to environmental impact  Contribution to economic impact                       Contribution to social impact
      Design for Circularity                       - Prevents organic waste from entering natural rotting  - Installed projects have obtained pay-backs between 1 and 4 years  Minimises the social impact associated
      Maintenance/Repair                           processes                                                                                  with  organic  waste  by  working  with
      Reuse and recirculation                      - In many cases it is a relevant problem because they  -  Convert  a  cost-generating  by-product  (logistics,  discharge,  etc.)  into  a  source  of  intensive,  closed  industrial  processes,
      Remanufacturing                              are very bulky.                    revenue                                                 where  the  gases  emitted  can  be  easily
      Revaluation                                  - Since waste is processed in-situ, the environmental                                      captured  for  proper  treatment  so  these
      Recycling                                    impact of transporting it to a management plant is                                         projects have no problems of acceptan-
      Energy recovery                              greatly reduced                                                                            ce, even those closer to populated areas.
      Product as a Service


                                                                                                                                                       ABN - Madrid
    -  Innovative,  proprietary  solution  to  enhance   -  Average  financial  investment  of  the   Drying equipment
    food by-products                    installation between € 0.4 and 2 M                                                                              (brewer's yeast
    -  5  installations  operating  with  various  types  of                                                                                           production plant)
    waste                               - Installation delivery time: 6 months
    - Validated ability to process multiple wastes
    - It is necessary to make a proper characterisa-  - Gas consumption: 20 €/t of input at 30 %
    tion and conservation of the material to be proces-  dry matter to obtain 94 % output
    - Able to process high moisture waste (80-90 %)   - Manpower: 1 person
    that rotary dryers cannot process
    - Convert a low-value by-product (a few €/t) into
    a high-value product (several €/kg)                                                                                          NEIKER - Alava
    - Compact and efficient drying equipment (low                                                                                 (experimental plant for
    energy consumption, 1 kwh/kg evaporated water)                                                                               obtaining fertilisers)
    -  Flexible  operation:  easy  adaptation  to  input
    -  Continuous  operation  with  short  stops  for
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